Olá, I’m Rui, a designer and art director. I’ve studied ceramics, organised parties for hundreds of people when I was too young to legally drink alcohol, moved to London, gotten kicked out of Central Saint Martins, dealt art through a contemporary art gallery i co-founded in Soho, then moved back to Lisbon to focus on design / art direction. I’m now based in Södermalm, Stockholm, where I’m completing a degree in interactive art directing at Hyper Island.


Apelido & Apelido is a design studio I co-founded with Vasco + Pedro.
Active working with clients mainly in the culture sector, theatre, fashion, music & the arts. Our 1.0 website focused on creating an experience that mirrors us, rather than displaying client work. With that in mind we gave the possiblity of submiting drawings, messages or money, surprised by receiving thousands of drawings, creating an incredible free experience where we received from dicks to hate speech to incredible pieces of digital art. 

This project has been used tons of times as a reference + example of brutalist webdesign, like here or here, pretty cool.

是我与共同创建的设计工作室. 积极与客户主要在文化部门 戏剧 时尚 音乐和艺术。我们的1.0网站专注于创造反映我们的体验,而不是展示客户的工作。考虑到这一点 我们提供了提交图纸 信息或金钱的可能性 惊讶于收到数以千计的图纸,创造了一个令人难以置信的免费体验,我们从仇恨到仇恨言论到令人难以置信的数字艺术作品。




S*M is a Lisbon based clothing brand by Portuguese fashion designer Sara Maia. We collaborated closely with the designer, observing the process of creating a collection to manufactoring and presenting on the runway. This project was created was Apelido & Apelido studio's first comission, coding and interaction by vasco.

Cover video Daniel Martins



Part of the Sang Bleu group, TTTism is the leading publishing and online platform dedicated to showcasing contemporary tattooing. With selected curated content and a rapidly growing global audience of over 400 k followers on instagram.

For this project, all content came directly from tttism's instagram account. We developed a dynamic feed, in which images change size according to their Popularity based on likes, a hashtag search system and the possibility of sharing and bookmarking posts. We took the tttism's audience instagram experience and maximized it. This project was developed for Gaspard+Bruno agency, collaborating closely with the Sang bleu creative team.

The Ivory & Black gallery in London’s Soho was a contemporary art gallery that I co-created in 2011 and ran from 2011 to 2013. I led a team of 5 art professionals that worked with a total of 28 artists in London and Miami, created eleven exhibitions and published two books. I&B was my first array into entrepreneurship and allowed me to focus on leading the gallery’s creative direction and overseeing everything from brand and identity to interior design, communications, PR and art dealing. I was also responsible for a lot of the nitty-gritty of running an art gallery.



The Once a week I redesign an album record cover. I usually choose whichever album is being played more during the week, and all the covers are linked to spotify so you can have a listen to them.

The archive of covers can be found here

I also post some of them on instagram under the hashtag #redo1recordcoverperweek


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I'm available for big and small projects or collaborations, remote or in real life. So if you need me, either shout my name under a full moon or email me

Olá, my name is Rui and I'm a Designer + Art director. I'm 1/3 of Apelido & Apelido Fellowship.

From Lisboa, based in Stockholm studying Interactive Art Direction at Hyper Island.

I do digital Art direction, creative consultancy, design, ui ux + solutions for digital products. Also do artworks and posters for interesting projects. 


On my spare time I collect interesting objects, feed my plants, listen to classical music, pile books and magazines, travel,  play magic the gathering. 

Things I want to do: Design a camouflage pattern, get a dog, work with European Space Comission, Attend the Bayreuth Festival, Design + produce clothes, work with Steve Reich, and Arvo Pärt, Art direct an Opera, and lots more.

Formalities: worked with clients from Corporate to Fashion, Startups to Concerts & Parties. Selected clients: Airbus Group, Sara Maia, Sang Bleu, Luxfrágil, Teatro Praga, EDF, Sony Music Sweden, Bosch Siemens Hausgeräte, Faber Ventures,  A.V. Farming, Stadin Ammattiopisto Helsinki, LaGrand Boutique, Leon magazine, Slanted, Good barber, Bike'n Connect, Sqreen, NomNom Insights, Codacy and more. 

Currently listening to:

Буерак - Скромные апартаменты


The book of tea  / The Medium is the massage

Last movies watched: 

Tampopo タンポポ / Tabu / La Notte 

Last random obsession:

Kazuo Hozumi's ivy boy illustrations



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Sporting Clube de Portugal