Olá, I'm a Art Director - Designer & Wizard based in Lisboa, Portugal.  I do mainly digital design, so UI & UX. I also do indentity, branding and all that. Plus, some sleek artworks and posters for very interesting people. ☞ I've worked with Airbus Group, Gaspard+Bruno, Faber Ventures, Luxfragil,  EDF, La Grand Boutique, Carlotta, AVF, Goodberbar, NomNom, Gitter, Codacy, Planedia, Queen's Yard, and many more. I work at Gaspard+Bruno, so I'm only available for small projects or collaborations, remote or in real life. So if you need me, either shout my name under a full moon or email me

You can also stalk me at  Twitter - Dribbble - Moodboard - Linkedin