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Don Giovanni opera

D'agua Borda is an ongoing project for a mobile app inspired and a tribute to the 100 year old Portuguese Almanaque.  Founded in 1929 Borda D'Agua was and still is the only source of popular and folklore knowledge in several areas like agriculture, moon cycles, astrology, local markets, gardening, sea whatever and more. The almanaque is printed the same way and using for the same porpuses, mostly by countryside people and those who want a kind of knowledge that is passed from older generations and that cannot be googled. 



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I'm foolish and I'm funny and I'm needy. Am I needy? Are you sure I'm not needy? 'Cause I feel needy sometimes. That coat costs more than your house! Look, you are playing adults…with fully formed libidos, not 2 young men playing grab-ass in the shower. You go buy a tape recorder and record yourself for a whole day. I think you'll be surprised at some of your phrasing. Friend of mine from college. He also has a boat tho not called the Seaward.


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