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After 4 different offices in Lisbon / Helsinki, countless cafes, hotel rooms, Airports and bars, 2016 came to an end.  

I dont post most of what I do online, since it is done through the agency I work. So this is a a small archive of some of the work I've done through out 2016, from product definition to branding, user interfaces and user experiences.   

Artboard Copy 10Artboard Copy 10
Artboard Copy 11Artboard Copy 11
speecheo copy 11lspeecheo copy 11l
Artboard Copy 14Artboard Copy 14
lods01 copylods01 copy
legalhub copylegalhub copy
Artboard Copy 5Artboard Copy 5
Artboard 6@2xArtboard 6@2x
Artboard Copy 8fArtboard Copy 8f
Artboard Copy 15fArtboard Copy 15f
lods01 copy 2lods01 copy 2