♞ I’m Rui da Paz, a Art Director & multidisciplinary Designer.
In my life, I have studied ceramics, organised parties for hundreds of people when I was too young to legally drink alcohol, moved to London, gotten kicked out of Central Saint Martins, dealt art through a contemporary art gallery I co-founded in Soho, moved back to Lisbon to focus on design, moved to Stockholm, completed a degree in Interactive Art Direction at Hyper Island. Moved to Copenhagen, then Milano, left, now lost in Northern Italy. In my spare time I read & pile books, research odd topics, go hiking, track and collect interesting objects, listen to classical music, explore historical places specially old castles and travel as much as i possibly can.
Formalities: worked with clients from Corporate to Fashion, Startups to Concerts & Parties. Selected clients: Pleo, Airbus Group, Sang Bleu, TTTism, Parlamento Lisboa ®, Sony Music, Jeffrey Deitch, Bosch Siemens Hausgeräte, Teatro Praga, Électricité de France, Luxfrágil, Faber Ventures, A CO HAUS, Reif Life, W-O-S.ru, La Grand Boutique, Maus Habitos Porto, Leon magazine, Slanted Magazine, A.V. Farming, Stadin A. Helsinki, Good barber, Fernão Cruz, Horacio Frutuoso, Rekki, Saco Azul productions, Eye for an eye Records, C.A.R.O, Rive Rouge, S*M, Queen's yard, & a lot more.

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O̶n̶c̶e̶ ̶a̶ ̶m̶o̶n̶t̶h̶ when i have time I make a playlist, a selection of music I enjoy complimented by some artwork cover. 

//rekki project//

Lights out


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Lights out was a project comissiones by Rekki ↗, a raw glimpse into the routine of those who feed us. Shot entirely on a Bolex 16mm in several different locations in London. Film director Filipe PenajoiaCreative direction & concept by me and David Anastacio , Director of Photography Joao de Botelho, Production by Sophie Cantopher, Editing Sergio Pedro Sound production Nucleo Audio. Website created for the project was designed by David & coded by Vasco Gaspar. Ps - Those are some of the storyboards I illustrated.


Stretching can be easy

Fernao Cruz

Sold out

Design and art directedion for "Stretching can be easy", a 300-page limited edition book archiving the past two years of Fernão Cruz ’s life / work.

//Parlamento brand generalis project//



Parlamento ®

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I was challenged to create an identity & brand by Xana & Joao, who back in 1996 opened the first Portuguese streetwear store called Big Punch, a legendary institutions to those growing up not only in Lisbon, but Portugal, 22 years later PARLAMENTO ® is born. A menswear store located in Lisbon, specialised selling brands brands like Stüssy, Aries, Comme des Garçons Parfum, Carhartt WIP, Brain Dead, Heresy, Asics or New Balance. Logotype and type curation by the ever talented David, tone of voice, words & many creative ideas from the also talented Mariana copy going here copy going here




Illustrations and details from an unused concept. Presentation for a shop window front for the Italian fashion house.

Event Posters


Selected series of posters for clients spread across the world in the fields of music and arts.

//Parlamento brand generalis project//

A Longa Sombra

Maus Hábitos

Porto, 2021

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Graphic identity for "A Longa Sombra", a contemporary art exhibition curated by Horácio Frutuoso, produced by Saco Azul & Maus Hábitos, Porto Portugal. Designed somewhere between Lisbon and the beautiful island of Faial.




Part of the Sang Bleu group, TTTism is the leading publishing and online platform dedicated to showcasing contemporary tattooing. We developed a dynamic feed, in which images change size according to their popularity based on likes, a hashtag search system and the possibility of sharing and bookmarking posts, maximizing the TTTism experience.

On Fast Cars

Self initiated


A visual research publication exploring the violence, dangers and aestethics in the world of Formula 1 racing.

S*M Sara Maia

Apelido & Apelido

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S*M is a Lisbon based clothing brand by Portuguese fashion designer Sara Maia. We collaborated closely with the designer, observing the process of creating a collection. Coding and interaction by Vasco.

//Parlamento Clube amigos//

Clube d'amigos dos Livros

Cine Clube Parlamento

Parlamento ®

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These are some fun initiatives started for Parlamento® store, a sort of a cinema & book club or at least motivational social media content to get folks to read more / watch more cinema, or get inspirated to read different things. There are also guests recommending some of their favourite books / films.

Apelido & Apelido


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A design studio I co-founded with Vasco. Our website focused on creating an experience that mirrors us, rather than displaying client work. We gave users the possiblity of submiting drawings, messages or money. This project has been used tons of times as a reference + example of brutalist webdesign, like here or here, pretty cool.

// artwork covers projects //

Artwork covers


Music is a big drive and inspiration behind a lot of what i do, one of the reasons i got into designing in the first place was artworks in record covers, posters and so on

Teatro Praga

Apelido & Apelido

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Website for Teatro praga is a contemporary theater company was born in 1995, Lisbon. The group has been regularly creating theatre plays co-produced by the most prestigious contemporary cultural institutions in Portugal and have performed at several festivals and events worldwide.

Ivory & Black Gallery

Co-Founder & Director

Soho, London

I led a team of 5 art professionals that worked with a total of 28 artists in London and Miami, created eleven exhibitions and published two books. I led the gallery’s creative direction and overseeing everything from brand and identity to interior design, communications, PR and art dealing.

Luar Do Matrix

LP Cover

Unused record cover for Luar Do Matrix, an old highscool friend who has now traveled the world with his music. 10 + years later we met again and collaborated.

Das Neue Alter



An ongoing personal project I co-founded with Giulia, celebrating the stories, life, knowledge and fashions of the older generations.




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S*M FW 18 Lookbook, collection shot by me. Production, Styling & Make up by M Teresa Lucas .
Concept + creative direction by both of us. Design & layout by me. Model Mara Flora.

Somewhere East of Suez


leon Magazine ↗︎

I got comissioned to create a set of illustrations to accompany the words of Matilda for Leon magazine, Helsinki based independent food and culture magazine.

Borda D'Água

Mobile App

I created an App for Borda d'Água, a Portuguese almanac published annually since 1929, continues to be printed in a traditional way and to maintain the same editorial line since its foundation.